The Learning Resource Center extends the classroom for students and staff by creating an environment that supports and enhances the curriculum. This is accomplished most effectively when all individuals have full access to a wide variety of resources and learning opportunities designed to develop the skills necessary to become discriminating users of ideas and information. The effective LRC program involves the collaborative efforts of principals, teachers, students, and LRC Directors to insure that the program contributes fully to the educational process and assists in the attainment of district learner outcomes.

The mission of each Learning Resource Center in District 101 shall be to provide:

  • Leadership, instruction, and consulting assistance in the use of instructional resources and information technology while functioning as the information center of the school
  • Access to information and ideas that will enhance the learning experiences for the entire school community
  • Resources and activities that contribute to lifelong learning
  • A collection that supports the curriculum and strives to meet the changing needs of a diverse school community